Islamic Architecture
Should a mosque be just a place of worship or should it be multi-functional? feel free to give your views
Imran Khan
The original mosque was multi-functional � so precedence is there for all mosques to be multi-functional.
AbdulJaleal Nasreddin
Mosque is a place of worship!!!! ONLY
Shahid Mehmud
The Prophet�s Mosque in Medina served not only as a place of worship, but also as a school, a community meeting place, and as a court.

Other mosques have had hospitals within the mosque complex � such as in the famous Al-Azhar mosque in Cairo. In mosques throughout North America, it is not unexpected to find an Islamic school for children. Furthermore, one may find shops included in the mosque structures which belong to the mosque itself and contribute to the financial upkeep of the mosque. I have seen several examples of this in Damascus, Syria.

Certainly all mosques traditionally function as schools where children were educated in Islamic sciences.
AbdulJaleal Nasreddin
According to the concept of ibadah in Islam, which are maghdah and ghairu maghdah (muamalah), then masjid is a place for both hablumminallah and hablumminannaas :)
Yulia Eka Putrie


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