Building Technology
Hi, im Prabir student of 4th year B.Arch; I need your help for my dissertation topic Dynamic Architecture ; where my scope of study is all mechanized buildings, like revolving buildings, Calatrava's buildings, and such futuristic buildings and futuristic building technologies like upcoming Dynamic Tower in Dubai by Ar. DAvid Fischer. But the problem is for this kind of study there is no books available nor much information is available; so kindly help me out
Prabir Kumar Dutta
Prabir, Try writing to these architects. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Prabir, try the web site and also try the AD magazine there were loads of issues published on the above topic.cyberarchitecture 1 and 2, Collective Intelligence in Design etc., try researching on smart materials as well. i have a good book called smart materials and technologies. it just gives you the real inside on dynamic architecture.
however this is regarding how dynamic architecture is achieved through new technological advancements. as architects we strive to create spaces which are dynamic not through technology and materials but with the play of solids and voids, light and shadow.etc. it is my firm belief that these aspects should not be ignored in the light of new scientific marvels. is the da ivnci tower in Dubai such a good example? is it architecture or just a piece of good engineering ?


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