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Low Cost VS Indoor thermal comfort
Is there a rigid relation between designing low-cost houses in dry arid regions and optimizing Indoor thermal Comfort for such houses. Could this theme be translated or further on elaborated as a research study (a Masters or a PhD) by improving strategies of building low-cost houses in Egypt.
Mohamed S. Asar
Low Cost VS Indoor thermal comfort
Dear Mohamed, I think low-cost houses in hot and dry climates MUST have thermal comfort inside. Each house should be designed to provide shelter from heat, and if ther is more than one house, then the common spaces or semi-covered spaces should also be designed to remain cool.

I think it would be a good idea to develop this theme into thesis.

Hammad Husain
Low Cost VS Indoor thermal comfort
hi, asar!
be it hassan fathy in egypt or laurie baker in india; the icons of low-cost contruction techniques, the regions have dry and arid climate only. it is the third world countries where these techniques have been widely adopted and coincidentally they donot fall in cold climate.
though i find it difficult to draw direct relation between "low-cost" and "thermal comfort" but it is a truth that most of these techniques are influenced by the vernacular/traditional construction practices which are, in general, sensitive towards thermal comfort. extensive use of mud/adobe/thatch/ wood/bamboo etc. (all of them being good insulators)ensures considerable loss of heat.
on the other hand some european techniques borrowed by these attempts viz. rat-trap-bonding of bricks etc. are essentially better in providing thermal comfort than normal english/flemish bonds. the filler slabs being used in india are also better insulator than normal pure r.c.c. roof slabs as they have air cavities in them.
but there are certain techniques which go AGAINST the approach of gaining better thermal comfort viz. a halfbrick thick wall.
may be developing our very indigenous and upgrading them will help us achieve costeffective-cum-thermal comfort providing buildings.
i have no idea abt the scale of a phd thesis, but certainly, to look for cost effective techniques which are essentially thermally comforting can be very informative and substantial.
P Das


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