Historic Preservation
Conservation for Conservation's Sake.
Can we have conservation for conservation's sake? Like: Art for Art's sake? I would like to develop this philosophy further.
Bernard Mugwima
Conservation for Conservation's Sake.
It wud be a bit more helpful if u r more elaborate in wht u want to discuss.
Rajdeep Routh
Conservation for Conservation's Sake.
To what end would you conserve. Is it a case of preservation -maintaining the status quo or is it a case of reverting back to the "perceived' state of original the ideal condition ? In most cases one has no idea what the original state was, as in case of historical buildings, or one cannot decide what could be the ideal state of an entity. Is conservation supposed to be a natural process ? Conservation of forests -the most popular topic of discussions defies the change -the basic character of nature.
Gautam Shah
Conservation for Conservation's Sake.
Hmm, This reminds me of the way ancient Greek temples, etc have come down through time bleached white and stripped of their original colours.

The "bones", the stone structure of these ancient buldings, remains but the "flesh" of bio-degradable materials (including wall paint) are long gone.

On the other hand, conservation of what is left has value.
Frank John Snelling


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