Historic Preservation
dissertation topic
Hi! my dissertation topic is "Historical doorways" ....i suppose to read history of doors,their origin....evolution n transformation in context of their sizes materials...modification in doors style in different period of indian history for example hindu architure, rajput arch...mughal arch....british arch...infact i m quite clear for my topic but i m not getting enough matter or any sources or any book....plz do suggest me asap.
Rashmi Agarwal
dissertation topic
if you are looking for individual house doors. Ground research is must. Walled city of Ahmedabad have been studied a lot for beautiful timberworks. You can see books on Ahmedabad. search for HAVELI and NAQSH
Ashish Trambadia
dissertation topic
If you are looking for public buildings and its history of 'Gates' as architectural typology. then look at Palaces of India. We have also worked on a few gate conservation projects just let know if need some help.
Ashish Trambadia
dissertation topic
Look at the fronts of the two Mosques in central Samarkand. Their appearance is of huge tile-decorated "doorways" into the holy spaces of the mosque beyond.
Frank John Snelling


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