Sustainable Design
Thesis: "What is Green Architecture?"
To anybody who has any advice regarding this issue.Im currently writing my dissertation with the following proposal:

My chosen area of study concerns Environmental Strategy and Sustainability.

My proposed topic for this written assessment asks the question, �What is Green Architecture?�
I chose this title for a number of reasons, the most predominant being that as an Architecture student I have a great personal interest in the way in which Sustainable Living is being strived towards within the ever developing industry. As well as this I felt it a perfect opportunity to explore more into what truly lies behind the meaning of Green Architecture; investigating its origins and its affects on society today.
In order to ensure that I answer this particular question as resourcefully as possible, I have created a �breakdown� of the areas which I intend to explore. This is purely a basis for my research and as the assignment progresses something which I propose to develop.
- How it came about?-global warming
-climate change
-depletion of fossil fuels
-over use of non-renewable resources
-Objectives-fuel conservation
-Building Regulations-PART L
-introduction of new materials→ EVOLUTION IN ARCHITECTURE -Government legislations
-Use of renewable resources
-Put into Practice-Existing eco homes
-Sustainable living
-People�s contribution
I also intend 2 relate this topic 2 the history & influences of sustainabilty in architecture; looking predominantly at Islamic Architecture...
If anyone has any advice where i can obtain more information or any advice on the topic please let me know. Thanks everybody
Jenine Ragab
i found these two books very helpful in understanding green architecture.
i hope you find them useful too.
ECO HOUSE 2 : a design guide
Uzma Rayyan
its a good topic babe... the world needs that info... your topic is kinda huge... and you will need to focus on certain topics first.

check this site... this could be of help...

i hope you can send me a copy fo your research coz i'd love to read the result of your search...
its like my thesis during my college days....about green architecture and sustainable development... Good luck!!
Rowell Orilla
hey....there r 2 volumes named....
sustainable building.
design manual.........they r project co financed by institut catala' d' energia and asia urbs.....
they contain intro 2 ur topic,case studies all over d world,policy tools and reguilatory mechanisms,etc,etc
hope they can help u in sm way....
u can even chk out these volumes and project
Geena Singh
im also thinking over these dimensions for my thesis, heat loss and heat gain in high rise buildings and till now i could'nt even satisfy myself from the sustainable view point cuz my jurists said they expest more architecture instead of just theory so i think if we could work togather we can sort out lot of poblems and chowk out the boundries. my email id is
Amara Shahzad
Hey Rowell thankyou so so much 4 that website its brilliant.Definately the much needed boost i required as was feeling a bit lost in all the information ;) hope there's plenty more where that came from lol
Jenine Ragab
hi... your welcome jenine... you can also try to search waste-to-energy conversion facilities if you wanted to see some sample of sustainable development projects... this kind of projects is like hitting two birds at a time,. plus... it helps save the environment...this projects caters the problem on global warming....

treating waste thru aerobic/ anaerobic digestion can produce electricity plus helps minimize the burning of fossil fuels and so on and so forth... this projects are goin to boom in the next few years... you can check that... most of this projects were boom in europe... because of the income that it can generate thru carbon-trading schemes, fertilizers, electricity,etc...

Rowell Orilla
Hi Jenine and others
An interesting discussion.
As a non-architect I may look at this differently to you guys.
Firstly, as a long time environmental campaigner I remember well the times when green and greeny were derogatory terms, and to some extent still are.
For that reason I prefer the terms sustainable or livable.
Secondly, for a building to be totally sustainable it must fit in a surrounding sustainable ecosystem or bio-region.
Thirdly, as a community sustainability consultant, I take sustainability to mean the simultaneous consideration of economic, social (incl cultural) and env factors in decision making and action, for the past, present and future.
I believe our societal ethos(es) is unsustainable and that attaining "livability" for all will require a new conciousness or awareness that recognises interconnectedness.
The past, present and future are interconnected, as are all forms of life - that is the essence of GAIA.
Awareness determines actions which cause imapacts - climate change is just an impact of an (collective) action. Its a 3rd level of the overall challenge.
How that is reflected in the design of an individual building is a mind boggler worth considering!
We will by necessity evolve into this new conciousness or join the lemmings at the bottom of the cliff.
I see this as a move away from a consumption based society to one based more on contemporary interpretations of Indigenous cultures, whose priorities were land, people and culture.
The future will see more integrated design - not just integrated into the (urban?) environment, but with integrated components. A developing yet still limited example is co and tri generation.
Consider the potential synergies between water storage/collection/treatment and passive cooling, waste management processes, heat and food production.
I am currently working on integrating these into a property development model for sustainable communities.
A basis for this is moving away from centralised service provision to the local community level.
My background includes environmental research and retail, real estate, policy, media, Architects Board of WA and biodynamic agriculture.
Happy to communicate by email -
Malcolm McBain
Well, im Karina Marte, new in the page, and these is an interesting tesis, and im already working a bit on it. Im following a master in Bioclimatic Architecture in Madrid. My tesis is about How sustainable is the Islamic Architecture. If you want more information about it, its my mail:
Kary Marte
Jenine. It is truely ironic that the rebranding of a subject with another name all of a sudden makes it the flavour of the month.

I refer of course to the bandwagon rush for any with a Green label, whereas, truth be told, both the traditional and vernacular forms of architectural design have been green even before writing was invented. :)))
Frank John Snelling


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