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Chinese pavilion roof construction.
I plan to build a Chinese pavilion in my garden.
I find the tile by a China company who transport over the whole world.
But I can�t find how the wooden roof construction is made.
Has anyone a idea? Drawings? Pictures?
Wim Sanders
Chinese pavilion roof construction.
Wim, The traditional Chinese roof is a complex interlocking wooden structure together with Chinese style motifs.

I can give you the title of a book on the construction of temple roofs. The reason for the complexity I assume is to allow the roof structure to flex and not break in an earthquake.
Frank John Snelling
Chinese pavilion roof construction.
Did you finally find any info on chinese roofs construction? Have similar idea for building a pavilion but can't find any drawings or other info.
Maija Berkovich
Chinese pavilion roof construction.
Try this book:- "The Roof in Japanese Buddhist Architecture" by Parent and published by Weatherhill. :)
Frank John Snelling
Chinese pavilion roof construction.
Wim - by now you may have finished yr Chinese pavilion, could you send me the designs that you used - basically I want to build a 30inch X 30inch. roof to cover a statue (Divine Mercy) outdoor. My main ? is how to do the roof structure to look upturned at the end. Thanks Santo Ferris - India
Santo Ferris


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