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Islamic Architecture
Greetings from Thessaloniki (Greece). I am studying "Open Air Mosques". Can anybody help me with this, by indicating a reference in modern litterature?
Flora Karagianni
Islamic Architecture
Flora, I know of only one "Open Air Mosque" and is on the Hidirlik Hill in the old part of the World Heritage site of Safranbolu in Northern Turkey.

The space is completely open air with only a stone stair for the imam and a short stone wall with niche to show the direction of Mecca.
Frank John Snelling
Islamic Architecture
Thank you so much. I tried to find something in internet on the case of Safranbolu, but I didn't manage to see a photo, or to see if it is a historical monument or a modern structure. Do you have any idea if there is anything written on that?
Flora Karagianni


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