Conflict and Natural Disasters
Thesis: Hebron Memorial Park, Palestine
Hi all,
I am a new member, I am a student at university of Minnesota, USA, preparing my thesis for my master degree in architecture and landscape architecture. My capstone project is building a memorial park or place of commomeration in the Islamic urban fabric in the old town of Hebron, Palestine. The purpose of this memorial place is to reflect the massacre that happened in the Abraham tomb in 1984 where 50 worshippers were killed. Any one of you has some thoughts, or example, or any precedient studies, I will be more than happy contact you.
Hesham Hatabeh
Thesis: Hebron Memorial Park, Palestine
Dear Hesham
I would like thank you for this contribution. I realy advice you to change the subject of your thesis and replace it with a subject that reflects good hopes, love and life. War and hate are most terrible events of our societies on this poor planet. Each group trys to dominate another one, every one has a set of hate rules against the (others). We as architects may give this poor premative international society a new shape since we shape there everyday life. I will give you an idea of a thesis called peace settlements in Israel and Palastine! Think how two nations who hate each other so much can live together in a new form of settlemnts. I believe architects should not reflect hate and war. Just make a small research on how many memorial buildings have been built in the world you will realy understand that there is no single society living on this planet without having a crime against others. Make architecture a tool for peace and love even when the planet is dominated by hate!
Hoshiar Nooraddin
Thesis: Hebron Memorial Park, Palestine
dear Hesham
I am very happy to see some architects interested in palestinian situation / I think you have to contact the arch. salem el qudwa from palestine / you can take his e-mail from member profiles he is from palestine and he designed a project of memorial museum of (SHOHADAA AL AQSA) best wishes for you and I am looking for ward to contact you .
Muneer Elbaz
Thesis: Hebron Memorial Park, Palestine
(In the third century B.C., the Greek philosopher Epicurus wrote,"It is possible to provide security against other ills, but as far as death is concerned, we men live in a city without wall"
This say is reflecting perhaps the impossibility of the task, we repeatedly erect walls to honor the dead and remember their lives. the question is: How do we remember in stone, steel, and glass what is, by nature, feleeting?
It is called the Architecture for Rememberance.)
AR magazine, July, 2003.

This forward was the starting point of my research while I was preparing for the thesis part of my graduation project. The Palestinian Martyrs Memorial Museum, in the city of Gaza, Palestine.
Keep going my brother Hesham, insallah I will send you some more information about my project and other related projects.
Keep going preparing your thesis and I will contact you within the coming days.
Salem Yousif Al Qudwa
Thesis: Hebron Memorial Park, Palestine
Thank you all for your respond.a coment for Dr. Hoshir, thank you for your thoughts and really I appreciate your respond. the place making design will be a jaxtaposition of two places. the first place reflecting the history of the city which is important for 3major religion in the world and how to bring people understand history(massacre, occupation, war..)of the city. And wht's next?what's our intents as human being? what's our hope? here the other place as become domenant and a container gathering all people with different ethnics backgrounds and a variety of political infrastructure.I think this prospect,refuge, healing place will reflect the hope, the needs,and the love we people seeking for.
Thank you all
Hesham Hatabeh


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