Professional Practice
use of local materials and skills
we all know that by using locally available materials and skills we can reduce building cost by 40 - 50%. by reducing building cost, the designer's profit is also lost by that much amount! is it the reason why we dont find the promoters of local architecture easily? generally there are NGOs who promote this!!!
while the local vernacular techniques should be promoted bcoz they are environmental friendly and socially and culturally related.
in such a case, how one should conduct one's practice using local skills and materials?
Charmy Sony
use of local materials and skills
May be, by studying what Hassan Fathy and Laurie Baker did??
P Das
use of local materials and skills
Charmy, Your though that architects avoid designing vernacular architecture because it effectively reduces their cut of the overall cost is cynical but probably true. :)))
Frank John Snelling


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