Interior Design
dissertation topic

I'm Rashmi from jaipur, India.
I'm doing my B.Arch from '"aayojan school of achitecture" ,jaipur.

I'm required to submit my topic for dissertation very soon so that the faculty can assign guides.
My keen intrest is in interiors so i have decided to study "low cost techniques for interiors".
Anybody who can suggest me about this topic ...should i prosceed with this topis and how? actually i m not getting how to make hypothesis of dissertation topic.
Please suggest me any other topics which are related to interiors or give me links to sites where I can find topics,your help will be very gratefully received.

Please help me,
Rashmi Agarwal
dissertation topic
Work on make believe spaces (Laksha Grih of Mahabharat) in interior design and virtual reality through use of pseudo materials, visual and other sensual abberations.
Gautam Shah
dissertation topic
Rashmi, You should try looking at traditional techniques rather than trying to invent something. Talk to furniture designers for a start. :)))
Frank John Snelling
dissertation topic
hi rashmi,
ur topic is good in terms of low cost but i thing it should be more oriented towards material rather than techniques
becos in interior we deals more with material than techniques...!
Kiran Bhosale


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