Sustainable Design
iranian architects
there are iranian architects who are working in sustainable design fields as professionals worldwide but neither google nor other online search engines couldn't help me out ! does anyone have some information to share with me ?
Niloufar Ahmadi
iranian architects
I have heard that Farhad Ahmadi ( In Shahid Beheshti University)has such trends in his professional architecture. I'm not sure 100%!
I also know that Dr. M.Hassan Fallah (Shiraz University) follows sustainability, but in academic and planning scales.
Also in Iran University of Science and Technology (Elm-o-san'at), this field is beeng followed but I don't have enough information.
Javid Ghanbaree
iranian architects
Hello Folk,
One of the prominent practitioner and academic in the design field most probably is the G. Shahneshin. He goes beyond the trend. I've visited exhibitions on his works and attended his lectures; I have to say that he's much more than a designer and educator, rather he's a doer; not like Al Gore's slogan while traveling with private jet! Recently, the US magazine METROPOLIS published an article on Mr. Shahneshin's deep committment to the environment within the sustainability context.
You might find on the google some reference, if not, contact the people at METROPOLIS magazine; they'll help you in get in touch with him.
Good luck
Mark White


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