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Architecture and emotions
hi guys,

I am in my final year trying to write my dissertation on architecture and emotions, how over the years architecture has lost its meaning? Questioning whether todays architecture is more aesthetically pleasing or has it lost the purpose of architecture which is making architecture for people?

My direction would be gender, how gender plays a big part in inflicting different types of emotions and different ways of making architecture.

Any suggestions or any comments would be beneficial for me

Thank you.
Suruchi Yesweker
Architecture and emotions
Architecture of the 'past' did not lose its meaning. It is us who are disconnected from knowledge of society, thus of meanings ascribed to architecture. Architecture of the 'future' will lose its meaning if we ignore people and continue on the sole path of aesthetic.

How can gender make a difference? I don't know if it ever makes a difference whether one is a male or female on how architecture is 'conceived' by designers/clients or 'perceived' by users. The question is more difficult to answer when the difference is limited to emotions. Your question, in my opinion, does not address the physical form of architecture but the contained space.

I would advice to consult social sciences studies related to built environment and particularly space-society relations. Check these books:
(1) Gender Space Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Introduction by Jane Rendell, Barbara Penner, and Iain Borden
(2) Gender and Architecture: History, Interpretation and Practice by Louise Durning and Richard Wrigley
Ziad Aazam
Architecture and emotions
Thankyou for your response, the way I thought gender was related to the way architecture is that they make spaces that differ from to the another for example albert spree makes spaces that is intimating whetheras a female architecture for example Zaha Hadid makes architecture which is welcoming space through the use of organic shapes. i don't know whether this is the right path to go or not??
Suruchi Yesweker
Architecture and emotions

by 'space',
is this your term for the 'soul'? or 'the seat of the soul'?
Jofer Magsi
Architecture and emotions

"the setting up of the fireplace and the lighting of the reviving, warming, and food-preparing flame."

female... i think
Jofer Magsi
Architecture and emotions

It is what architecture is for in the first instance, be it the 'soul' or 'the seat of the soul'.

Semper reminds us with an insight into the hearth as the first space for gathering:

The first sign of human settlement and rest after the hunt, the battle, and wandering in the desert is today, as when the first men lost paradise, the setting up of the fireplace and the lighting of the reviving, warming, and food-preparing flame. Around the 'hearth' the first groups assembled; around it the first alliances formed; around it the first rude religious concepts were put into the customs of a cult. Throughout all phases of society the hearth formed that sacred focus around which the whole took order and shape.
It is the first and most important, the moral element of architecture. Around it were grouped three other elements: the roof, the enclosure, and the mound, the protecting negations or defenders of the hearth�s flame against the three hostile elements of nature.
According to how different human societies developed under the varied influences of climate, natural surroundings, social relations, and different racial dispositions, the combinations in which the four elements of architecture were arranged also had to change, with some elements becoming more developed while others receded into background. (Semper 1989 [1851], pp. 102-3)

Semper, G. 1989 [1851]. The Four Elements of Architecture and Other Writings. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Ziad Aazam
Architecture and emotions
I highly recommend Christopher Alexander who rehabilitates feeling as an OBJECTIVE reality of architecture in his recent publications: "The Nature of Order, The Phenomenon of Life"
--".. the structure I identify as the foundation of all order is also personal. As we learn to understand it, we shall see that our own feeling, the feeling of what it is to be a person, rooted, happy, alive in oneself, straightforward, and ordinary, is itself inextricably connected with order..."
Lucien Steil
Architecture and emotions
Architecture is art. As movement describe it, "An end to the division between art and life; art becomes life".In the same manner that art presents emotion, architecture should be used as a tool for evoking emotion. Like a musical score that stirs the thoughts and makes the skin's hairs stand on end, the same evocation should occur as one passes or enters a building; they should feel something. This cycle of the relationship between display, and then the influence of that which has been displayed, needs to be closely examined.

architect must adapt his designs to the trends of the era and the altering problems, which we face. In order to hack it in the architectural industry, you must have a strong hold on the recollections of your past and be able to use them to better design. This Zeitgeist is a manifestation of all of society's emotions, but the architect must be able to single out what we want to convey using our experiences and learned knowledge.

Muhammad Aamir
Architecture and emotions
Suruchi, emotions are not necessarily positive, particularly when looking at a bad or ugly design. One could argue that you can have an aesthetic of the bad or an aesthetic of the ugly. But the whole purpose of an aesthetic is to give the emotion of pleasure. Of course some people find pleasure in pain, because they were conditioned, but to go down that path ends in wandering about in a "smoke and mirrors" labyrinth where reality is illusion and illusion, reality.

Well-crafted architecture is as aesthetic as well-configured architecture and when these two come together the result can be magnificent.
Frank John Snelling
Architecture and emotions
Hi Suruchi,

Coincidentally my dissertation topic is the same. So if you can help me that would be a great. Contact ASAP.

Rahul Chanodia


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