Sustainable Design
thesis-sustainable housing...require direction
i am currently researching my master thesis topic-and wish to look at sustainable housing....what also interests me is universal housing and hoe it seems to be addressing social sustainability...i wish to form a link between these two topics,and require crazy and innovative ideas on what i can do with them....if anyone else has dealt with it,too.
Kavita Gonsalves
thesis-sustainable housing...require direction
Hi Kavita,
I think you should mention about the scope of your project more clearly, viz., location, scale of the project, usage, etc. Aspects like these make huge difference. A sustainable building in the U.S.A. may the most unsustainable building when its built in India.
Theres a lot of material over net if exploited properly.
And sometimes simple ideas prove lot worty, than crazy ones, when the basics are understood.
Sriraj Gokarakonda
thesis-sustainable housing...require direction
universal design is the design of products and building features that to the largest extent cn be used by everyone. It is not possible to make something completely universal, but it ensures that a large percentage can use it. U can have a look at the Centre for Universal Design.
but right now universal design still has a stigma attached to it---it is associated with handicapped n the elderly..
i am currently in the uk, and wish to address it within tat context...
well, sustainability is a universal problem, and is the key thing on everyones mind...also, the universal hsg i wish to design, will be targeted at the elderly and their lifespan.
Kavita Gonsalves


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