Educational Design
Thesis On Resource and Student Centre
Hye i'm a final year student from Malaysia that will go through my thesis this coming semester. Recently, i posted about interested on doing thesis on mosque. But since there's a lot of my friends ongoing the same topic i thought of doing Resource and Student Centre. I have found the suitable site for the topic which is in an area name Indera Mahkota. The area is surrounded by a lot of college and university. UIA Medic School and shahputra to name a few. Hereby, i would like to ask opinion regarding my topic and how to make it more interesting and strong in term of its issue.thank you.
Amalina Manaf
Thesis On Resource and Student Centre
Hi again. Here i would like to point out that the propose site for the topic is has its strong feasibility. These college or university really needed a place for their student to get together and really be a good meeting place for them as well as providing educational information that they needed.
Amalina Manaf


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