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study architecture in italy
Hi everybody . i need to know about universities in Italy to make my master there in architecture branch .
Fulla Fared
study architecture in italy
Dear Fulla Fared,
While it is good to pursue your architectural studies, it is not wise to study architecture in Italy, if you're attempting to learn new ways and new thought-provoking architectural tips. Unless you're deeply want to learn history of architecture or Italian Architecture. In Italy mostly schools are teaching you old stuff, very traditional and very conventional that which you learn in any school in developing countries. The very ambitious Italian students will go abroad for Mater programs. They head for instance the AA Graduate School of Architecture in London, the Center for Education, Research and Sustainability in Zurich CfERS, etc. where you can learn and be part of the future.
All the best,
Mark White
study architecture in italy
You are most welcome to further your architecture studies in Malaysia. Its cheap, fantastic weather, summertime through out the year, surrounded with magnificent architectural building and mega project, so think about that.
Zainudin Razak


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