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role of rating systems (LEED) in catalysing green architecture in india
hi people
im doing a dessertation on how these rating systems, especially LEED has generated the already existing green architecture in india.
do let me know wat u all think abt the topic.
do u think green architecture always existed here and that we just never made a big deal about it....and that these rating systems though a western concept but has atleast generated an overall awareness among the mass....
wat do u think are the after effects of these rating systems?
"what do u think shud our nxt step be"?
Shivani Jain
role of rating systems (LEED) in catalysing green architecture in india
LEED has got certification for existing buildings. But it is more popular in new construction: commercial /office /retail /institutional in particular. Development of "western" style such buildings is a global trend blindly being followed in India. In such a scenario; sustainability becomes almost equally important an issue in Indian landscape as well.
Also, not many models have been developed in addition to, say, LEED / Green Globe; that may (to some extents) help understand how to incorporate sustainability in buildings.

however, less documentation is available about the cost-benefit analysis of green-certified buildings. LEED has often been criticized for very high assessment cost... and these are the questions which, to me, seem to be more important.

While the traditional Indian knowledge system for construction/architecture is, of course, an asset; this does not obviate the need for something like LEED.
P Das


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