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"........We take for granted that those with IQs at least three standard deviations below the mean (those who score 55 or lower on IQ tests) require "special" education. But students with IQs that are at least three standard deviations above the mean (145 or higher) often have just as much trouble interacting with average kids and learning at an average pace. Shouldn't we do something special for them as well? True, these are IQs at the extremes. What to do with them? Squandered potential is always unfortunate, but presumably it is these powerful young minds that, if nourished, could one day cure leukemia or stop global warming or become the next James Joyce--or at least J.K. Rowling........"

the quotation above is from an article...Actually i'm interested with this Malaysia there are childrens who are genius but here there are no place for genius to express themselve.For examples,Adi Putra,7,one of the genius kid in malaysia complain that he was getting bored at school.

For the long-term, we have to find ways how to accommodate these geniuses according to their capabilities and it is also important to ensure Adi Putra receives a balanced,comprehensive and holistic education as being genius in one field only will not equip him to compete in the challenging world.

Anyone have idea on how to solve this problem as i think that this problem occur in many country?..
Siti Rohaini Mahmud
what i mean is.. in term of architecture, is there any solution for this
Siti Rohaini Mahmud
hello Siti.

take a good look at your architecture, both physical and social. is it one that can welcome diversity? to what extent can it grant freedom of thought and expression? geniuses... they can amaze us, and they can also disturb us out of our wits. how much can you take?
Jofer Magsi


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