Historic Preservation
study in the USA or the UK
Hi, I am presently completing my under graduate degree(B.Arch). I have applied for post graduate degree programs (Historic Preservation) in both the USA and the UK. I am still unable to decide between the two options. In the longer run, considering job opportunities and recognition which would prove to be a better option?
Divya Chakravarti
study in the USA or the UK
diffinately uk,as conservation oppetions are very near to uk,places like barcelona and italy,even france happens to be in europe,us is spent force now.....regards.
Dushyant Nathwani
study in the USA or the UK
I would agree to that!
Prithwiraj Ghosh Roy
study in the USA or the UK
If you`re considering job opportunity , it`s better to think about UK
Araz Taheri
study in the USA or the UK
Definitely the UK. The US is beginning a minor recession - making opportunities difficult and extremely competitive.
Sheila DeTamble
study in the USA or the UK
thank u ppl... am grateful. maybe to get a better picture, i should mention the universities in contention. In the US, its the Columbia University and in UK, its Edinburgh Coll of Art.
In the broader sense, UK does seem like a gr8 option for conservation, but im geting discouraging feedback wrt to UK. On the other hand, in the US, the job opprtunities seem k, while the course seems too 'technical'.
Thanks once again...
Divya Chakravarti
study in the USA or the UK
hey Divya,
If you are an international student keep in mind that Columbia won't give a penny of financial aid.
On the other hand british schools are also not that generous when it comes to intl. students.
good luck,
Sina Esteky
study in the USA or the UK
I HAVE learned from someone that in UK museums and academic institutions, one can find something intriguingly beautiful about another country but which one can hardly discover by being in that country itself. SOUNDS ODD, I know, but if it is true, wouldn't that be worth the while?
Benito Castiglione
study in the USA or the UK
hey i m doing undergraduation in b.arch so can you please suggest which is better optiion US or UK
u mst hv clear idea by now
Gaurav Aggarwal
study in the USA or the UK
Dear All, choosing the USA or the UK to study in depends upon whether or not you want the American brand of political correctness or the British brand of political correctness.

For example, on my degree course in architecture, I was required to read Heidigger (a Nazi philosopher), but who is favoured by today`s left.
Frank John Snelling


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