Building Technology
Many of our Friends may not agree But Fact will remains Fact and specially in construction field where its second largest industry in India with lots of activity .. even as on now where construction technology has improve a lot ,easily can say more than 50% of construction work ( from design to executions ,people who are involve with this industry ,from Architects to workers ) is not updated to what really we need ... many of design are not suitable to situation , many of buildings are constructing as per standards many of those who are having share in construction field are not really educated to take care of Quality of work .....and we are keeping and going ahead with the same condition .....can we start to change today scenario and be more responsible for coming future ?? and if yes HOW??????????
Ali Farid
Ali, Unfortunately, the only time anyone takes notice of poor design and construction is when the building falls down within a short time of being built. Then the "smoking gun" is obvious and the architect and builder cannot avoid responsibility.
Frank John Snelling


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