Historic Preservation
neglected monuments
how the neglected monumental buildings such as the dai anga tomb, asaf khan tomb and many other in lahore and all over pakistan can be brought to the attentation of the government of pakistan. they require quiet a lot of maintainence, and i have my project on the conservation and restoration of such historic buildings
Javeria Awan
neglected monuments
ur topic is very interesting and very sensitive, as a pakistani we should have same thinking as u have to maintain our historical heritage. the first way is to make people aware of these historical places and there importance through media(print, electronic etc)then we can move forward ....
Ahmed Muhammad
neglected monuments
I am a student of architectural conservation (masters) and sadly so is the state of architectural heritage in India. Even if the built properties recieve some protection, the intangible heritage is endangered to a great extent as it can not be seen only by facts and figures. I hope your project can be opperationalised. In a country (India) where the admin. themselved have very little concern for 'heritage', the appaling state of such properties are but obvious. Are`nt there any foreign concern (e.g. UNESCO, ICOMOS) that you can contact ?
Somi Chatterjee
neglected monuments
I don't know . maybe to restorat heritage building is a helf of the solution to conserve them and pretect them . why not useing a dynamic solution give them a new life " revitalisation or regenration " can help u in this case. restoration of walls ,ornomantations maybe is the first step cause if we will stop here after few year will do the same work maybe more then that.we have to take care about the humain facteur and the relation between building and humain.
cause humain give life to building and the to trun an heritage building to a museum is not a solution.caus it will be useless construction.
Abdelghani Yahiaoui


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