Sustainable Design
Sustainability evolved from traditional architecture
I am keen to join a masters programm in us. or uk universities or Professors talking about 'sustainable achitectural spaces and environments' which have evolved from traditional understanding of place. This combination is been the centre of the study being developed through researches and it would be kind if anybody can suggest a course which is based on these theoritical understanding towards today's sustainable designs. Thank you!
Rajvi Joshi
Sustainability evolved from traditional architecture
Hi Rajvi, before you think where u want to do a course please make up your mind as to where u want to work. It is better to study there itself as the location generally serves as the teaching aid.Incase u want to work in India, try studyng Conservation from SPA., or Cept. you`ll get the touch of sustainable development too. If ur looking for UK, try York, Bath. If ur trying the us, there are a whole lot of them.The European model is better for India as we heavily borrow from it. Think where you want to work, the approach of teaching, areas of application ... if all this suits ur area of interest, then choose the university. ... .. all the best !
Somi Chatterjee


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