Historic Preservation
recording heritage structures scattered over 25SqKms
There is this area approx. 50Kms from Jabalpur MP India, which appears to be a missing links of History. There are beautiful structures in dilapidated state scattered over 25SqKms, which are 1200years old and there are older things like ROCK-PAINTINGS, REMAINS OF A MASSIVE DAM, & 42KMS LONG WALL ON HILL, SINGAURGARH PALACE, AND MANY MORE AMAZING STRUCTURES LIKE RUINS OF PUBLIC BATH ON HILLTOP, TEMPLES, STATUES OF DIFFERENT DAITIES including Hindu, Jain & Buddha. The entire area has VERY PICTURUS SURROUNDINGS.
Many of these structures are recorded heritage structures and many more remain unnoticed.
WE NEED TO CLUB OUR RESOURCES TO RECORD AND PUBLISH THIS AMAZING HERITAGE. The area has couple of wildlife sanctuaries as well.
Amitabh Pathak
recording heritage structures scattered over 25SqKms
Dear Mr. Pathak,
Please inform in detail about the organisation and goals of the mission.
Ashish Trambadia
recording heritage structures scattered over 25SqKms
Hi Amitabh, I would be delighted to work with you on this project. Please review my paper at VSMM 2008 on low cost methods for recording built heritage: You can contact me at Thanks.
Riyaz Fazal


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