Sustainable Design
Symbiosis; nature and architecture as a healing art
hi... I'm nayab shoukat and i'm a final year student of NED university, karachi. My thesis topic is on symbiosis i.e the act of mutual dependency in terms of man and nature such that both benefit from each other. I understand "sustainable design" can help achieve it but my approach includes "spiritual/healing" aspect for the users through incorporating nature in my built space.

my question to you all is....
firstly .... is it possible and if yes in wht ways?
and secondly.... what building type compliments such vision if i want it to be a public space usable to all?
Nayab Shoukat
Symbiosis; nature and architecture as a healing art
hi Nayab,
this is neha from mumbai, me too a final yr student n one of my classmate's having kind of this aspect in her design!
Rather i 'll say, sustainability is other point of view too see at ur topic watever u wana do!!
so, i wiould suggest u a pilgrimage center or a religious structure to b designed as ur built form but more towards with d nature n wid sum more requiremnets as a meditation center or u can think on!!
so jus give ur own time to proper thinking n hav a gud result, finalising ur topic!!
Neha Korde
Symbiosis; nature and architecture as a healing art
hello iam vani 4th yr student from svca hyd, as neha said meditation center according to me will work the tpic i have selected is sme what related to sustainability.
i would like to ask a question in creating a sustainable environment what is the role water r waterfronts
Vani Gundu
Symbiosis; nature and architecture as a healing art
hi...I'm ambright a first year architecture student in ghana. I've always been thinking about this topic; thanks for raising it.i believe your proposal is very true. from my personal experience of spending vacations in my village, i have seen the healing effect that nature has on the human body.just last year i suffered from depression and I was advised to spend sometime in the village. i stayed there for only two days but it worked like magic.i believe in FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT'S ideology of integrating the internal living environment with the exterior landscape. i believe by designing amusement parks , community centers and public zoos that can really bring the natural environment of the animal into the public domain. looking at these animals in their natural environment is really intriguing. for example i read a development in the architect's handbook(by QUINTIN PICKARD) which suggests that animal behavior in the wild should be well studied and incorporated into designing public zoos and parks. naturally this things really make the experience more rewarding. you could also introduce aquariums, fish ponds etc into the home designs to bring the individual in touch with nature.
Ambright Mawunyo
Symbiosis; nature and architecture as a healing art
hi dude! im a graduate of architecture here in the philippines.. do you know the philosphy of symbiosis?.... hmmmmmnn ? if not.. you can try to check the works of KISHO KURUKAWA,... he is the one behind the philosophy of symbiosis... his projects were sustainable...

Rowell Orilla
Symbiosis; nature and architecture as a healing art
You can read Eugene Tsui's books; his amazing works using nature in architecture. Also, you may explore the Bahai building that adopts the lotus as a metaphor in form, structure.
Mimi Zaleha Abdul Ghani
Symbiosis; nature and architecture as a healing art
hi, m a 5th yr archtecture student....dng my thesis on "alternative therapy centre" which involves the traditional indian therapies as well as modern facilities..thnx for bringin up this topic.if any1 has more information on the topic...please do help n suggest...
Neha Arora
Symbiosis; nature and architecture as a healing art
Hello Nayab. My name is Christopher K. Travis. We are creating a technology for exactly the purpose you are talking about at I also write about the designing homes and other buildings that match the values of people on my blog at Although a lot of Western architects have issues with his criticism, as he has attacked the mainstream "star" architects, I would also look into the work of Nikos Saligaros who works with Christopher Alexander. Not exactly the same approach as we are taking but certainly worth reading about if you are interested in architecture that is designed to fit people.
Christopher K. Travis
Symbiosis; nature and architecture as a healing art
to neha arora,
one such therapy centre i visited is Ayurvedagram in banglore. if you can manage to visit it, it can help you.
Charmy Sony
Symbiosis; nature and architecture as a healing art
@ charmy sony...
thnx a lot for the help...
i didnt get 2 visit d centre but got a lot of information bout it from a frnd...if u too have d pics n related stuff...would u plz frwd it 2 me...dat cn be a grt help...there is also a similar centre " soukya holistic health centre"...
and can plz anyone tel me what ll design considerations 2 be taken for such a type of therapy centre..
thnx a lot agn ...
Neha Arora
Symbiosis; nature and architecture as a healing art
This is a great forum and topic - I am not an architect - sustainability is my area of interest. You may find my post under Thesis interesting and relevant.
I don't believe a sustainable society is possible without all people moving in a more spititual direction. I hope we are witnessing an evolutionary process in that direction.
Next week I am the guest speaker for some 3rd year architectural students visiting an old church that is being restored. Both forums have been valuable in preparing my brain for it. thanks.
Malcolm McBain
Symbiosis; nature and architecture as a healing art
hi neha,
sorry but i dnt have any pics or other data abt ayurvedagram.
thanks for saukya. i enjoyed visiting its website.
what i think is for your design,
your building have be in harmony with nature.
that does not mean mere planting trees or shrubs but you have to let the person close to the nature.
other thing which you should consider is the scale of your spaces.
the scale could be as low as to relate the human hight.
this is all i can think now.
for more i think i will let you know.
and you too, keep informing your ideas also so others can interpete it and guide you better.
Charmy Sony
Symbiosis; nature and architecture as a healing art
I apologise beforehand for the cold water I am about to pour.

I would agree that sustainability and spirituality are necessary for the future of humanity, but this can only remain utopian idealism so long as humanity is not prepared to look closely at the actuality of what humans are doing to this planet.

Sustainable sound wonderful, but there is (a) a limit to just how many humans are able to live on the planet and (b) if humanity embraces sustainability, that limit is decreased by 1,000 times.

Todays` enormous urban concentrations of humans (to mix my metphors) are literally Black Holes which consume this Planet`s resources like an unstoppable plague of locusts.

I say unstoppable, because humans are at the top of the food chain and therefore Nature is unable to limit the never-ending expansion of humans.

I do not know if anyone has watched the film "Soylent Green" with Charleton Heston, but this Sci Fi scenario is scarier than the most vile (blood-soaked) of modern films.

The scenario is of a future time when there are only humans on the planet because we have consumed everything else. Then the only available source of food to consume is humans. :(((
Frank John Snelling
Symbiosis; nature and architecture as a healing art
hi.. i'm final year architecture thesis topic is on meditation centre..please help me in getting the data for the proposed site and case studies..
Ritika Sarpal


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