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islamic and vedic research institute
I am MOIDU SHAFI,a final year B-ARCH student,doing thesis on a design project of an Islamic and vedic research institute.
There is a planning of proposing an islamic university in kerala,INDIA.For that i am proposing this like a similar university.There is no such universities in our place like this
Now I like you to discuss about

1)The proposal,how to prove the feasibility.Any good arabic names

2)Requirements,(special requirements if any)

3)Places for case study in India(live case study)and other parts of the world(if you have datas regarding that plz send me at

4)any other suggestions and guidence in any related topics.
Moidu Shafi
islamic and vedic research institute
Dear MOIDU, I am an iranian student of architecture. I think that you can find some related places in iranian historical architecture. for example we had MADRESE as an islamic university.IF YOU WANT SOME PICTURES SEND YOUR EMAIL FOR ME
good luck
Maryam Yousefi
islamic and vedic research institute
thank you Maryam yosefi,

I have sent a mail to you.confirm that you have got it.
my mail id is

Moidu Shafi
islamic and vedic research institute
assalamu alaikkum,
i'm a final year arch.student doing thesis on islamic information and research of the case study that can be done for you project is darul uloom,omerabad near ambur.any help you can mail me to
Taahirah Sumaiyah


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