Sustainable Design
bioclimatic architecture
present issues about scope of bioclimatic architecture.
Zile Huma
bioclimatic architecture
hi zilu.
i am still studying abt bioclimatic architecture. i could not get much info on it, can u just guide me to make knowledge.
Anand Raju
bioclimatic architecture
me anand again, can i just let me know the straight difference in green building, sustainable building, bio climatic building, and ecological designe building,,
Anand Raju
bioclimatic architecture
Anand, I suspect there is no essential difference between green / sustainable / climatic / ecological buidling design. Each viewpoint has its own followers and arguing the difference until the cows come home (ie all day and all night) might be good for the vocal cords but not very productive.

Essentially, all forms of tradional /vernacular architecture fall within the above categories, but are deliberately ignored ( as being not offically recognised) because the evolutionary nature of architecture within cultures over many thousands of years is viewed as unprofessional or amateur.
Frank John Snelling


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