Information Technology
Virtual architecture
There seems to be a trend of people moving towards virtual spaces - spending numerous time on the computers. Which universities offer degree courses on virtual architecture, as study of cyberspace?
Samuel Emasit
Virtual architecture
While waiting for an information on degree courses it might be interesting to check the book Virtual Architecture (available online), published by Tokyo University Digital Museum. Some of the authors are active in academia (Greg Lynn for example, at ETHZ and UCLA) and I would expect expansion of their courses to the degree level in the near future.
Mirjana Devetakovic Radojevic
Virtual architecture
Also try to look upon the first cybernet cafes in London back in 1990.

They have really change the living styles.

Might be interesting for you.

Arshad Siddiqui
Virtual architecture
Key Centre of Design Computing
University of Sidney, Australia

International Journal of Design Computing
Mirjana Devetakovic Radojevic
Virtual architecture
Bartlett School of Architecture, London. but they only offer post graduate courses. i'm doing one right now. it's called MSc Virtual Environment. u can mail me anytime, i'll be glad to explain further.
Azari Mat Yasir


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