Sustainable Design
responsive flexible building
responsive architecture is what people considering as the buildings of tommorow, build" which can change according to conditions and usage, i realy doubt how practicle the approach is. can such buildings be made habitable? will people like to live in such homes which changes or can change evryday???
Aqdus Siddiqui
responsive flexible building
hi there...
increasingly, as is the norm every new term in architecture takes on different connotations and meanings with respect with the specific field it is applied foe example responsive to context, or responsive to climate....(to note)
i do not quite grasp what u are inquiring about, because if you look at some 'smart' buildings in the UK you shall find that they are already 'responsive' they adapt to weather changes etc, but as far as flexibility, you should consider further look into adaptive re-use..... please respond.
Philip Kiyemba


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