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Utopia-an perfect/ideal city
When the Bible talks about Abraham the person considered to be the father of Jews,Christians and Muslims alike,it states in Hebrews chapter 11 that he (though he lived as a soujouner and a pilgrim) looked forward for a city whose architect and builder is God.
wilson frederick
Utopia-an perfect/ideal city
Interesting! But, what is the point of discussion/debate?
P Das
Utopia-an perfect/ideal city
we try to find perfaction and it is available only in nature ,even today all flowers are perfect and innocent ,all birds are perfect and fly without polluting even thousand of miles migrating on this mother earth ,to me if we call this globe a city it is perfact reffuge ,hope all nature do not make humans miserable...but sure humans will distroy their habitat if now do not sustaine consumerisam.
Dushyant Nathwani


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