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Egyptian rating systems for sustainable architecture
My dissertation is about sustainable architectuer in Egypt and I want to know if there are any rating systems in Egypt like LEED or BREEAM for rating sustainable design.

I also want to know the response to sustainable architecture in Egypt and is it getting the support it should get by the local authorities?

Also, if anyone can tell me about any book titles or references that would be helpful.
Ahmed Hidayet
Egyptian rating systems for sustainable architecture
Sustainable architecture has existed in Egypt for centuries and is still practiced today, albeit on a limited scale. Vernacular traditions in some Upper Egypt villages and some Western Desert oases persist. Hassan Fathy's Architecture for the Poor is an indispensible book if your aim is sustainable architecture in Egypt, quoted by people like Paul Oliver, it remains the only comprehensive book on sustainable architecture in Egypt... it is around 40 years old though.

There is no legislation requiring sustainability in Egyptian architecture and there is no particular guidance. A number of practices claim sustainable design though there is little evidence of realised architecture, while Dar Al Handasah is the only practice I know of that is working on a LEED certified building in Cairo, even though LEED does not take in to account a number of Egypto-centric issues in relation to climate and culture.

There are a number of organizations, though non-architectural,might provide you with some relevant information such as the HOUSING AND BUILDING NATIONAL RESEARCH CENTER,the Desert Research Center (DRC) and Wadi Environmental Science Centre (WESC).

Hope this helps
Yahia Shawkat
Egyptian rating systems for sustainable architecture
hi ahmed...would be interesting to see the outcome of your work. is your dissertation available here or the internet somewhere? would be most kind to share. br, markus
Markus Preller


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