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Historic Architecture Terms
I am currently working on a renovation project. There is a room in the basement that has an old sign on the door that reads "Day Sleeper". Has anyone heard of this term?
Frank Murphy
Historic Architecture Terms
hello Frank.
is "day sleeper" not the term for a worker on the night-shift? (i mean, one sleeps in the day after working all night.)
Jofer Magsi
Historic Architecture Terms
Frank, I agree with Jofer. When I was in the British Merchant Navy (aka Merchany Marine), the cabins all had a bunk for night time sleeping and "Day Bed" for resting during the daytime. So, maybe the basement room was used by anyone needing to rest during the day. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Historic Architecture Terms
Most definaely... The reason for the basement was 2 fold 1) blacking out light while the rest of the house may have the daylight coming through. 2) temperature control i.e. warmer during winter and cooler during summer.
Richard Silverman


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