Historic Preservation
Heritage Park
It is a misnomer that there is no value for antiquity any more. We, as a people, have always had and still have a deep sense of pride in our heritage. If our heritage is in danger of gradually phasing out, it is because

� Much is being done by concerned professionals and organizations in their individual capacities, but an overall collective effort has been elusive. There is no platform for an intersection of individual concerns in one field.
� There is also very little dialogue between the various facets of heritage- architecture, music, painting, arts and crafts, religion, sculpture, dance, science and cuisine, even though most heritage enthusiasts are interested in more than one of the above.
� Heritage is sometimes an objectified entity cast into an elitist realm, hence cutting out the general public from a sense of belongingness and participation.

Many endeavours have addressed heritage in terms of the fabric itself. There is now a need to step back and look at the larger picture- to put together the fragmented efforts into one cohesive system through architectural and programmatic solutions. The scope is widened by locating the project in a heritage precinct and dealing with adaptive reuse and new design that integrates the old with the new.

The Project
A Heritage Park that creates a platform to facilitate collective effort by concerned professionals and organizations in dealing with heritage and involve the public in furthering the cause. While providing a base for certain programmed activities, it also creates a setting that would allow for chance interactions, all of which would contribute towards addressing the issues put forth above.

Targeted user groups

Local Public

Please suggest how I could go about carrying out a logical analysis and arriving at a comprehensive method to draw up programs.
Sangeeta Kamath
Heritage Park
well there happens to be beautiful garden named sayaji park in vadodara more than 105 years old falling in the catagory of heritage park , adm.does take care nicely ,study and recemand long term meseures , i may be of assistance if time permets.
Dushyant Nathwani
Heritage Park
what you see in picture above is viesta towards band stand in winter when sapta parni treaes shed leaves from walkway.
Dushyant Nathwani
Heritage Park
Thanks for your response Dushyant but I'm looking at a building program and not an actual park.
Sangeeta Kamath
Heritage Park
hello Sangeeta.
are you referring to laws, decrees, or working policies that confer protection by the municipality or the state over certain landmarks?
Jofer Magsi
Heritage Park
Hi Sangeeta,
Probably one such organization has successfully done it here in Baroda city. This organization is the 'Heritage Trust' and it has done a lot in declairing the 'Champaner Archeological Park' a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This Site is 35 KMs from Baroda city.
(Picture of the Site, inset)
Haseeb Siddique Shaikh
Heritage Park
Sangeeta, Try looking at "The National Trust" ngo of the UK. A great many country houses with parks attached have been donated to the nation and then been opened to the public and give pleasure to the millions of people who visit every year. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Heritage Park
Sangeeta, a heritage park could also be considered as a heritage complex i.e: based on the heritage value of the area, the heritage park could consist of a cultural center, training center, a resort or hotel of sorts, a crafts village/ bazaar. It is essential that the development is dealt with an hollistic approach not disrupting the urban or rural fabric.
Divya Chakravarti
Heritage Park
Hi Sangeeta,
I mite be too late to respond on this topic. Hope i can re-start the discussion. Actually i am working on the same lines as you are.
when i hear of the name heritage what i think is of reinventing or rebuilding the past which had been glorius and important.
An heritage Park can be like an open air museum displaying the rich heritage of a country. Which would initiate people from variour walks of life to come and enjoy the past.
its like reinventing a lost city. Lost in the busy lifes.
Nishita Bhatia


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