Conflict and Natural Disasters
Seismic restoration of minarets
Owing to the seismic vulnerability of tower like monuments my research work is concentrated on their dynamic behaviour. it is decided to analyse the world famous Indian minar Qutb Minar using finite element techniques under this program.Is thre any one already worked on this area/on this minar.If so please respond.
Sreeja Chandran
Seismic restoration of minarets
You could look at what has been researched and accomplished in Turkey, where I have seen seismic reinforcing on minarets in Iznik, where there have been frequent and severe earthquakes. Hagia Sophia in Istanbul has been the study of numerous engineering projects, I suspect including its minarets.

You might also look at minarets in Ahmedabad, I think the Quaking Minarets, and what has been done to them since the Gujarat earthquake.
Michael Ramage
Seismic restoration of minarets
shaking minarets at ahmedabad survived the quacke.sismic study and to study foundation one may need fresh effort.
Dushyant Nathwani


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