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Damascus Old Houses
Dear all,

I am looking for some one who is familiar with interior design for old Damascus Houses. There is a certain panel I would like to identify its use for my research. If anyone can help me, it is much appreciated.

thank you.
Erna Dyanty Mad Daluis
Damascus Old Houses
What do you mean precisely?
Alia Himmat
Damascus Old Houses
If you interested of old houses of Damascus at the islamic era i can help you that my Master in this item. tell me exactelly what you want.
Ahmed Ameen
Damascus Old Houses
Hello all,

Thank you very much for your speedy reply. has been a very resourceful forum site. If you have seen the book "Damascus: Hidden Treasures of the Old City by Brigid Keenan" on page 7 - the introduction is an image of a reception room in Bait Mujallid ( i have atached an image of the photo here) . In the back ground is some thing that looks like a cupboard that is gilded with rococo design and mirrors. The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia has one of similar structure. It looks like a window but after opening the doors it looked more like a cupboard door.

1) Is it meant to be used as a cupboard or just as decoration for the reception hall?

2) Are these cupboards typical in any houses or mainly in grandeur royal houses?

3) If it is a cupboard why was it built into the walls?

Thank you again for your help.
Erna Dyanty Mad Daluis


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