Conflict and Natural Disasters
disaster resistant architecture
im doing thesis on disaster management dealing with design of a habitat which shall address the varying problems both man made and natural disasters.can anybody help me out with the role of an architect in designing of earthquake proof buildings,terror proof buildings wherein a larger role is played by technology and construction rather than architecture.
kadambari mathivanan
disaster resistant architecture
Kadambari, With earthquakes and terrorism you are mixing two competely different disaster scenarios and two different strategies.

Earthquake resistant building design deals with trying to prevent a major lose of life an earthquake. Whereas, Terrorism Proof building design at specific high security locations.

The reason why todays` random bombings by terrorists is so successful, is because no country can ever make sure that all the buildings in that country are proof against terrorist bombs.

Terrorists attack the easy and soft targets to make innocent people dead and such action is supposed to make governments obey the terrorists. Unfortunately, such action does not work and only makes dead people.
Frank John Snelling


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