Professional Practice
PP in Ahmedabad
Please suggest some good firms in Ahmedabad for practical training from June to september 2008.I would like to work in design oriented small office. I have an experience of 8 months as i am working in my current office (part time). I was working Square One Design studio, Pune as 3d modeller,animator(Architectual views and walkthroughs) for 7 months again part time.Please guide me to work with good architect and increase my knowedge.
Omkar Deshmukh
PP in Ahmedabad
hello Omkar...!!!
training in Ahemdabad is really a gud decision...As it is a city of many great arhitects u hav a wide scope of learning...
there r many gud
B.v.Doshi., Leo perira...a small office..but ull learn a lot....
Apurv Amin..Neelkanth Chaya ofcourse...,Hiren Patel..Hansmukh dere's a wide range of jus depends on u that wat projects u r really interested in...
Shefali Kala


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