Educational Design
need help for thesis!!
hai everyboby !!!! i m new to this forum. i m doing my final year architecture. i m planning to take up my thesis topic dealing with a combination of light and colour - enlightening spaces. i m looking for a strong program from which i can evolve my typology of building. i like to deal the lighting in a urban level may be even a street stretch , something like a light scapes and also a typology of building where public getting involved , like a interactive space enhaced through lighting. give give me some suggestions plz .!!!
Malli Saravanan
need help for thesis!!
very interesting to explore such ideas , light and colour play very elemental role in architecture and urban space but difficult to work as theses as you need guide who can get work from you as well support in jury..find guide at local level than i may get you goimg.
Dushyant Nathwani
need help for thesis!!
i think its is a brillaint idea to work on such challenging topics.i belive only thorough reasearch and understanding would help u gain and understand the true essence of such spaces..and the idea of interacting space thorough lighting sounds intresting and i think studying architects like bawa and louis baraggan would help
Samia Iqbal
need help for thesis!!
oh yea tadao ando is a must..u should also concentrate on the interior spaces more.
Samia Iqbal
need help for thesis!!
hay ..ya i too belive that studying louis barragan would help but jus to add to the list tadao ando is another worth architect whos worth studying.
Tania Mayabi
need help for thesis!!
Did you mean an artificial lighting? I think that theme was compleks enough, because lighting will be very connected with illumination, the standarts lumminancies for spesific room, reflection, refraction, and also will connected with visual comfort. And it will be hard to find some accurate reffrencies especially for the colour. Based on my experiencies, the decision of colour light choice is based on the taste of the designer
Shofia Ishar
need help for thesis!!
Malli, you can try reading "Utopia on Trial" by Dr Alice Coleman. Lighting in the street in urban areas must be functional first and aesthetic second.

If you have ever walked down a dark street at night and wondered if you would be mugged then you will understand what I mean. :)))
Frank John Snelling
need help for thesis!!
you can see the architecture of peter zomthor(architectur of thermes)
Amira Fendri
need help for thesis!!
Malli, could you elaborate on 'enlightening spaces'? my understanding of the same in architectural terms has to do with legibility of spaces. In your case form has to be an integral part of your study in order to appreciate colour.
I agree with Samia that you should concentrate on interior spaces, a good example of Functional space that greatly relies on play of light and colour is the MUSEUM.Liebskind's work can be of interest.
Peter Oluoch


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