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thesis on light architecture
i m planning to do my thesis on light architecture. i m looking for typology of building . light architecture is the architecture of virtual age . can u please suggest some typologies.
Malli Saravanan
thesis on light architecture
Malli, "Architecture of the Virtual Age" sounds rather hair-raising as it implies that architecture (aka designed buildings for humans) is today made of nothingness or nothing tangible, so that architecture has ceased to have any meaning?
Frank John Snelling
thesis on light architecture
Dear Malli
there is lots of publication but mainly in form of magazines on the topic, Tierney Therese "abstract space beneath the media surface",2007, Taylor & Francis; softspaces. Sean Lally y Jessica Young, 2007 From a representation of form to a simulation of space. Some electronic essay like Drawing forth inmaterial Architecture.2006 Jonathan Hill ARQ vol 10 No1 p53 55 Have a look AD magazine 2001 Vol 71. I hope its help
Carlos Marquez


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