Educational Design
public spaces in university architecture
This is my thesis for the msc.
it will be dealing with what can a space do, to create a potencial for public activity to take place.
the importance of public activities for university students will also be discussed whith the sub culture universities.
So the hypothesis will be examining how the public spaces facilitate the university sub culture and the public activities for students to achive personal objectives which they should be achieved with when they comeout from the university.
Chamikara Moses
public spaces in university architecture
Dear Chamikara,
One wellknown sample for the function you are working on, is the Carpenter centre designed by Le Corbusier,in Cambridge,Massachusette.
But there are other examples like the mosques which are built in the campuse of univerities in Islamic countries and there are two wotrh mentioning in Iran and if the issue is compatible with your thesis,it is possible to talk more about them.
Saeedeh Hosseini
Saeedeh Hosseini


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