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Foreign Investments in Indian Construction/Real Estate
What started as 'outsourcing' some years ago, has more or less transformed into 'investment' now.
With the Indian market being more liberal to foreign entrepreneurs and investors; numerous real estate and construction firms have shown active interest in India.

What do Indian professionals think about it? How do they perceive the foreign professionals' work in India? How easy or difficult are foreigners supposed to find the Indian marketplace?
P Das
Foreign Investments in Indian Construction/Real Estate
hats off prashant... You have identified a major issue/solution here.
The major force in generating any activity for businesses is 'hope' of profit. As long as there is profit there is nothing as indian or foreign;)

With the advent of foreign professionals (eg.. Aedas, Bentel.. )things would get more competitive for the Indian professional(a battle which they are prone to lose because of Indian clients mentality,liberal Indian laws and obviously a lesser monetary capital).
I know of many foreign architectural firms who get work done from Indian architects for indian clients for projects in india!('dejavu'...This is very similar to exploitation of Indian industry by the British East India Company).
India needs foreign investment to keep its massive population employed and running, but definitely not services from foreign professionals.
'Money transcends all barriers'.
'Money pulls money'
'People pull people'..(I guess thats what makes cities happen).. so we should expect massive Urbanisation of India.
Coming on to ur last question...
foreigners will find the India marketplace very easy to operate as costs will be drastically lower, employees will be cheap, clients will be wealthy and obviously there's 'democratic' freedom to do anything one wants.
Zoheb Kherada
Foreign Investments in Indian Construction/Real Estate

You made a really interesting point.
Real Estate is almost as good as investing in share markets- you have some money and you invest it without caring emotionally much about where the money would be used. At the end of the day, you reap your karma.

Thus, where, by whom and for whom is a project being developed doesnot really make lots of sense.

Another interesting thing I have noticed is the share of opinions people in every nation have about foreign professionals.

It is difficult to see your comfort zone being compromised due to competition from foreign people.

Do we have some interesting case studies of foreign real estate companies acquiring breakthrough projects in India competing with local players?

Also, How do the Non-Indian professionals see the opportunities in India?
P Das


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