Sustainable Design
PG in Energy Oriented design
hello to archnet team,i'm interested to pursue higher studies in - " energy conscious design - architectural design - conservation (amalgamation of three) "..
can anybody guide me through a right university in India or abroad.
Neha Rastogi
PG in Energy Oriented design
Hi Neha
I presume that ur an architect, and in IITd u can opt for Const Mgmt where you can pursue your thesis in any topic of ur interest provided the faculty approves. but no other option, same is the case with IIT madras...otherwise lookout for something in cept or spa they definitely will be more resourceful with your interests.
In abroad to my knowledge every uni having architecture dept will have few faculties who will be working in energy conscious architecture you just need to kontact that faculty and gret his approval...
i hope it helps!
Puneet Agrawal
PG in Energy Oriented design
I had a similar such query 6 months back...Didn't get much of a response then ...but now thanks to u i get some let me know if u progress on the front and i'll let u in with whatever i've got.
Sumantra Misra
PG in Energy Oriented design
what are you waiting for, then?
Share whatever info you have!
P Das
PG in Energy Oriented design
Thanks for the suggestions from Prashant.. n .. Puneet. I have been looking out for universities in US/UK/Australia, till now. Have seen few courses, combining two degress " architectural design & sustainability together".Was just wondering is it worth pursuing a "DUAL DEGREE".

Was also unable to decide onto which country would be the best - for

"this kind of course curriculum."

(As most of the countries esp. UK and AUS. provide courses in Sustainability)
Neha Rastogi
PG in Energy Oriented design
Architectural Association (UK) has a very good 1 1/2 yrs masters in sustainable design.
Zoheb Kherada
PG in Energy Oriented design
Hi Neha,
Arizona state university and carnegie mellon univ have good well developed programs directed towards technological solutions for sustainability. UT Austin and Univ of Colorado at Boulder have good programs but focussed on ecological solutions. There might be others that I am not lising here.
But if its cutting edge stuff that you looking to study then europe is the place to go. They are much ahead of USA and australia in terms of executing energy efficient strategies in buildings. USA and australia are the energy guzzlers of the world. Though there is valuable research being done in the US and there is a lot that univs have to offer but I was dissapointed with the overall approach towards efficiency in use of resources and surprisingly the engineering world here is stuggling to let go the archaic practices.
Minu Agarwal


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