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Rights to Architects design portfolio and advertising

This is my first post to this site, please forgive me if I do something wrong.

I have been working in the architectural field for 14 or 15 years, been licensed / registered for almost 6 years and working in the same small firm for 9 years. I am thinking about going off on my own and was wondering if anybody had an opinion on how to handle using designs done under another architect in the design portfolio and even advertising for a new firm. Obviously there would have to be a comment recognizing the architect of record. I would only use projects where I actually did all the design. Projects I have done on my own so far are small and not worth showing, the only thing I have to show that I can be proud of is work done under other architects. Any thoughts on this and anything else you can add on starting a new firm would be appreciated.

Thomas Streicher
Rights to Architects design portfolio and advertising

hi Thomas.

this is not to raise your hopes, but i think it's worth reading.

"The author of a work has the right to have his name attributed to the work when it is published, quoted or otherwise displayed....

Employees in private or public sector retain the right of attribution and integrity unless otherwise agreed with their employer."

-from this link-

anyhow, i believe that the advise of a qualified legal counsel is still best.
Jofer Magsi


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