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Woodless Housing for rurals and urbans
I am looking for suggestions on woodless housing technologies for construction of shelters for IDPs. -- Thanks. -- Jean
Jean Lan
Woodless Housing for rurals and urbans
What is IDP? and why woodless?
P Das
Woodless Housing for rurals and urbans
IDP means Internally Displaced People, like those in Darfur. The people who flee armed conflicts, disaters... to another country are called Refugees.

In some places where those IDPs/Refugees stay there is no wood for the construction of their shelters. On the other hand, if there are trees, and if we cut them, or let the IDPs do so for the constructions, it would cause an ecological catastrophe. Imagine that, if the 400,000 IDP families in Darfur, when they return to their villages, after the conflicts, start to reconstruct their traditional wooden homes, they would cut down some 16 millions mature trees for this.

Darfur is just one example. There are many other places like that in the world.

This is why I talk about woodless housing technologies, to save the planet.
Jean Lan
Woodless Housing for rurals and urbans
hello Jean.

there was a topic previously posted here about mud as a building material... and that this practice seems to be diminishing. the reasons were not stated but you may wish to investigate the potential of this methodology for Darfur.
Jofer Magsi
Woodless Housing for rurals and urbans
Dear Jean,
I know an Iranian architect who has sugestions like sandbags or the like for the issue you are looking for.He has inspired it from the mud brick Persian architecture.His name is Nader Khalili and residense in the can searsh his name in the web and find many things.
Saeedeh Hosseini
Saeedeh Hosseini
Woodless Housing for rurals and urbans
hello again, Jean.

i think there still is a need for temporary shelters while communities are considering which technology is best for them. and so, i'm thinking that the use of tents may still be appropriate. i believe these tents can also be tastefully integrated to the main houses. you may wish to check out a sampling via the internet and there are plenty of manufacturers out there. who knows, they may even contribute ideas and other resources. (and there's no harm in asking them. :o) )
Jofer Magsi
Woodless Housing for rurals and urbans
hallo jean!

in archnet you can find fotos and files about sandbag shelters used in iran for people loosing home by earthquake.

about bam (earthquake in 2003, world heritage) engineers in germany try to find more flexible structures making mud brick buildings saver in regions of high danger.

i think, shigeru bans sructures with paper rolls are practicable suggestions
in architecture for IDPs. after earthquake of kobe in 1995 he built his church of paper (picture).

look also for bans EXPO-pavillon in hannover 2000. this is a very quick system to be built and recycled. cheapness is also an argument.

frei ottos structures can be also used in shelters for IDPs using fabric insteed of glass. the prefabrication of elements and easy storage of them are arguments. the most famous building are the olypic buildings in munich (olympic ganes 1972).

remembering the haij-terminal of djeddah and the umbrellas in medina-mosque there are other light structures to be used in variations for refugees.

for me, the most fascinating example is the sandbag shelter by iranien architect, cause the IDPs can be integrated in building them themselves.
this can be a more human solution as cities of tents, if the refugees have to stay a long time in shelter.

Alexander Wehrle
Woodless Housing for rurals and urbans
woodless shelters do have merit...saving the timber in the forests is a good ever that is not the only reason for looking at alternatives...mud not technology and is not always possible or practical...tent used in disaster relief regions do have a limited lifespan..and do not usually blend well into newly made homes...cardboard and paper structures are just likey to collapse after heavy rains and are often used as fuel for what are we left with...well there is a lot to think about...I have a few thoughts of my own and am using what comes the projects that are on my desk right now...I aim to use what is available locally..with emphasis on longterm endurance and cultural accceptance...I also look at finishes that reflect the local where does that leave us.....well as architects..that leaves with a lot of options...I will tell more later..
David Michael James Davies
Woodless Housing for rurals and urbans
hello David.
viewing it in the long term, you may be right... eventually there would be a return to the use of wood, in conjuntion with other durable materials such as concrete and steel. i guess, the next question now is where and how to procure wood materials without endangering the limited forest in Darfur.
Jofer Magsi


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