Building Technology
Tensile Membrane
Tensile structure and tensile membrane has been a versatile material, however it has not been very popular in India. But for covering large spans in a a cost effective way this seems to be an option I want to explore. I would like to receive information about the specification of membrane, its technical specification and cost.
Anjan Mitra
Tensile Membrane
A membrane can be from any "strong", two dimensional material. That is you can use fabrics, plastics, even metal sheets. They can stand alone or be reinforced. Each one has its own characteristics, usage, technology, price. The choice obviously depends on what is your project/budget.
Alcis Papas
Tensile Membrane
Anjan, Any tent is a tensile membrane. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Tensile Membrane
anjan...perhaps tensile structures and membranes have not been popular in India because not many have been built..however the materials alone are not the answer..the design will be of a 3D nature and not just a simple hanging element...there are articles about tensile membranes and structures all over the net..just go and look...
David Michael James Davies


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