Educational Design
Choosing a Topic and a Sub-Topic
I intends to carry my research work from an Islamic perspective. Perhaps, my initial proposal was to accomodate Emerging trends in mosque Design,then designing a Mosque as a Commnity Building, Finally i have thought of integrating Community development services or rather an institute that will provide welfare development schemes to the under privileged as well as provide a means of self dependence and wealth distribution.However, my problem is composing my ideas and putting them into Architectural topics and Sub-Topics and what to cover for my Thesis Content. Please assist
Muh'd S. Abdulkadir
Choosing a Topic and a Sub-Topic
Dear Muhammad
If I understood your ideas, I think you want to study the mosque development in concept and physical design (Mosque design elements, function) in order to bring back/come up with an original/new concept (Function, elements) of mosque activities and, therefore physical design. If this is the case:

1- Topic: The Mosque development: Toward an original concept and physical design
2- Methodology:
� Concept (i.e. the function of the mosque: residential, prayer, school, meetings, etc) and
� Physical design (design elements, spaces, material, etc): Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) time
� :Caliphs Time
� :Umayyad
� :Abbasid
� :Mamluki
� :Uthmani
� :Modern.
3-Back to the original:
� The concept
� The physical design.
Fahad Said
Choosing a Topic and a Sub-Topic
Muhammad, Your notion is a good one, but the word "under-privileged" is a modern nonsense.

The original word privilege implies something above the ordinary. So under-privileged simply means something ordinary (but loaded with the left-wing meaning that privilege is wrong).
Frank John Snelling


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