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more than reallity: the cyber world , a real city
I am a final year student at the university of nairobi doing a thesis on the cyber world as a real city, the premise of it is the fact that if the interactions on the net are real then cyber space is real space that architects of the future will design in. i have just started researching on this topic. i look forward to contributions on anything about virtual architecture and architecture for the cyberworld. Anybody researching about the same?
Taj Talaam
more than reallity: the cyber world , a real city
Taj, I think you have just rediscovered fantasy architecture. Have fun :)))
Frank John Snelling
more than reallity: the cyber world , a real city
Dear Taj
I have gone through the same topic that you are approching, so i come up with following points.
There is no visrtual architecture but Virtual space in cyberspace, this space is actually tacking our physical functions day by day, so our functions going into cyberspace which previously we perform in physical space. we have lot of example in cyber ganaration that how change our physical architecture. Refer the following points.
1-you have to clearify between physical and virtual.
2- you have to clearify the terms using for physical architecture and virtual function.

Refer some book

"City of Bits" By William J mitchell

"Etopia" By William J mitchell
Furqan Khatri
more than reallity: the cyber world , a real city
Welcome Taj.. Your research really matters to my work too...
the infrastructure explains about elements pertaining to a city being 'self subsisting' rather than depending on other cities for life.
In the next stage i propose to add its real-eastate maps and construction plans..
Sher Saddozai


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