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Children's art & talent centre

I'm doing a thesis about children's art and talent centre. It focuses more on performing art and art. This centre is a commercial building and not a community building (that's one of my ideas how to generate income). It will be:

- A platform where children,parent and educator can share ideas;
- Place for children to develop their talent and nurture creativity;
- Having some retail relate to art (art bookshop, selling cd's, videos);
- A nursery;
- Gallery and auditorium;
- Family oriented (since it is surrounded by commercial and residential area).

The site is at Mutiara Damansara, Malaysia, which is known as commercial hub and high end residential. From the 1st crit, the feedback from the lecturer is quite well. They think that my proposal is interesting. The further step is how do I generate the ideas? I should come with an architectural statement that can relate with art. I can imagine that my building isn't a square building. Maybe it will be more organic to show the art and the children��s exploration. I need some opinions on this.

Do e-mail me at Thanks.
Ima Imran
Children's art & talent centre
Hi, Any childrens centre should envoke the emotions of happyness and a care free life. The use of bright colours, rounded corners, wide passages and open flowing areas is a good start. Other ideas could be to bring in the prime shapes like, circle, square and triangle where possible.
Clinton Victor
Children's art & talent centre
its a interesting idea, u should look at Tadao Ando childrens museum, Legoretta childrens museum and Rasem Badran work, he too has done a chidren centre in a park..that should help u
Monica Pinjani
Children's art & talent centre
i need some opinion regarding the design approach & should i come out with the concept? should it come from the children design space or from the art's activity(dance,drama, theatre,vocal, painting,sculpture)?for this time being my concept is wayfinding.Unlike adult, child can't, the environment must be designed for them through non communication language.wayfinding is how to find the direction to the desired destination.they can be oriented through transition( space that connected to other space).The use of transitioning spaces and transparency from space to space greatly assists children with transitioning.but somehow i think this concept is not strong & interesting enough and can't be developed more..i'm thinking of having some concept regarding the child's art activity..more artistic..since the site is just 2 acres, the building must go vertical..any comment?
Ima Imran
Children's art & talent centre
hi maya..
thanks for you comment.actually i'd already discussed the activity and what the centre is .. you can check this at the top of this topic forum..
Ima Imran
Children's art & talent centre
will say watever that comes to my mind when i think of this project. No1 ...the scale of the built environment should be for the children.Way finding is a nice theme. As suggested, bright colors, use of slides for moving to different spaces, makin sure the children need'nt walk long distances within the site.What exactly happens in ur center?? do children learn various arts such as dance, painting , music, instruments etc etc??
Maya Seshagiri
Children's art & talent centre
I have been working with and learning from children for about 10 years and I think modern people have misunderstood children.
Do see my blog
We need to re look at how we create cognitive spaces that enable learning.
K.B. Jinan


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