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The Islamic identity in interiors
As a graduating interior design student I hope to choose a project that is meaningful, deep, and deals with contemporary issues. I chose to design a family oriented orphanage because I feel there are a lot of human aspects to consider, along with many up to date social issues. Orphans in general suffer an identity crisis, they are unsure who they are or where they belong in the world. Imagine a Muslim orphan that has to deal with all that along with the larger identity crisis that we all have to deal with, who we are, and what represents us 21st centaury Muslims. I hope to be able to create a space that helps these children develop their shaken identity, help build their self esteem, give them a feeling of self importance, make them feel loved, appreciated, and valued. We have been taught that the interior space we live in has a huge influence on our well being, happiness, and comfort. I strongly believe that to be very true, what I would like to achieve is an interior space that besides providing all the previous, can also help children with an unfortunate reality, build up their identity and feeling of self. I would appreciate it if anyone that has dealt with any topic related to the above or knows anyone who has, or has resources that may be helpful please let me know. Any subject such as, identity and architecture, Islamic architectural identity, designing for orphans, orphans psychology, or anything you may feel can be of use, please do not hesitate to post it.
The Islamic identity in interiors
interior do have effect on people living in that space so comfort and sense of ownership make people more close to space but in this senario ur focus should be psychology of orphans whose hav a disasterious life and they thought that there is nothing they can do to cope with thr present conditition for that there are many articles in google and special issues are continuously being published by human right foundation showing various stratigies and for islamic architecture u hav various dynasties like moorish, mughal, slaves, turkish etc with thr particular style u can take any dynasty and study thr concepts and themes.
best of luck...
Amara Shahzad
The Islamic identity in interiors
I have prepard a new exhibit of Interior Designs you must see that in my 'collerctions' here at Archnet.. you must know that Islamic centuries are longest and most modren until rest of the world is left with cubism whiuch comnpletion probably will be paid for be emirate states ...
Sher Saddozai


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