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Space Planning
hi thr..,

see guys.....i am a practising architect...and i have got this client frm UK ...who is majorilly intersted in space planning.....and i dont have a good hand in those lines......would anyone be kind enough to share his/her views as of wat exactly do you mean as space planning and as an architect what exactly would i be asked to do???
Janeesh Haridas
Space Planning
hi janeesh

well as what i understand, it is an architects job and specialty to design and plan space according to others needs.
I hope you understand the concept of space in space. let me just slightly explain......
when you build or design a house you have a land that is your space. when you put up four walls to make a room that creates another space in a space........ but one room does not make a house complete, so you have to further divide it according to each need.
most importantly you also have to consider other aspects such as environment, weather, temperature, topography of the land etc.
And i think this is what space planning is about. you need to make it in relation to its needs and surrounding and also to design in a way that it doesn't harm its surrounding also.

take another example for instance........if a person has a small shop......we have the ability to divide the space in such a way that it will fulfill all his needs and also provide space for himself and his customers.
i hope you got my point.
Mahrukh Mirza


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