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Light and peace
hi all.. can nyone help me linking the concept of light to peace.. m designing a peace complex with the concept of light.. now i have to create a nexus or a link between the two.. as far as my understandings are concerned; i feel like Light and peace are about energy. Everything is actually about energy. Light and peace are high frequency energy when you feel inner calm, the interconnectedness with the creator. This is Light and peace.

Understanding light characteristics, one notice that light, too, is an amalgamation of seven different colors without even any one of them, light can never exist in its form. Same goes for peace, all parties should have their rights and all should be considered equal in all respects. Inequality or upper hand of one party will lead to violence or in other terms, darkness.
Saad Gadit
Light and peace
Hi.. I would like to link peace and light into our visual perception. When we think about peace, many of us think of something with minimal information. And Light enables us to see things.. With different light intensity, position, and distribution in a space, light provides different mood. For example, with low light intensity, or silhouette lighting effect, we see only outline of such object in space for less perceived information. This can provide calm and peaceful mood... we see effect of light. Color of light also links to our psychological background depending on our ecperience and culture... red is exciting/danger.. blue and green represent more relax .. etc.. I would like to hear more on cultural difference on light, especially cultural light for middle-east..
Acharawan Chutarat


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